A+ Sandwich Bar: Build Your Own With Bongards Natural Cheese Slices


As build-your-own concepts flourish in commercial foodservice environments—with sales growing 22% on average in 2014*—why not freshen up your lunchtime sandwich offering with a build-your-own sandwich bar? Here are several ideas to maximize student participation while meeting nutrition guidelines. Diversify your carriers – Break free of regular sandwich bread and give students more options, such as sandwich thins, pitas, wraps … Read More

Beyond The Blandwich: Healthier Doesn’t Need To Mean Boring


For students, lunch is a time to cut loose and chow down. But for school foodservice operators, it’s your chance to get kids refueled for another half-day of learning. The best way to do this? Healthy foods—parents’ favorites, but not students’ first choice. The good news is that healthy doesn’t need to mean boring. Take your sandwiches from bland to … Read More

Queso Fundido Recipe

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Can your guests resist a Mexican dish that translates to “molten cheese?” We didn’t think so. This season, kick off game days with Queso Fundido featuring versatile Bongards Jalapeño American Loaf and Monterey Jack/Cheddar Shreds mixed with fire-roasted poblano peppers, zesty chorizo sausage, chopped onion and fresh cilantro—all melted into a kickin’ concoction that makes a signature, shareable starter. For … Read More

Quit Loafin’ Around: Do More With Versatile Process Loaves


It’s no secret that foodservice inventory space comes at a premium. That’s why you must source versatile ingredients that can be utilized across your menu, to not only optimize your storage but also reign in food costs and waste. Process cheese loaves are one such product, flexible enough to be used in menu items from breakfast to dinner. Here’s how … Read More

Sausage Rapini and Tomato Pizza Recipe

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This mouthwatering creation begins with Bongards Natural Mozzarella/Provolone Feather Shreds but doesn’t stop there. Sausage, rapini, basil, chiles and cherry tomatoes come together in a fervor of flavor, so every slice is teeming with cheesy goodness, vibrant colors and classic Italian tastes. Served by the slice or the pie, this is the pizza to bake up a buzz-worthy reputation. INGREDIENTS … Read More

Tricked-Out Pizza: Become a Pizza Destination With Big By-The-Slice Flavor


As Big Pizza thrives and emerging chains gain popularity, C-store operators must flex their culinary creativity to stand out. The secret? Breaking the C-store visitors’ expectations with exciting and unconventional tastes, served by the slice. Tap these insights from the 2015 Technomic Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report to align your slices with customer preferences. Inspired crusts – The crust is … Read More

From Basic To Brilliant: Turning Staples Into Sensations

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There are certain iconic menu items that are held sacred because of the sense of nostalgia they invoke. As trends rise and fall, these staples endure. Now, there’s a revival of sorts happening for classic dishes. For operators, the question has become how to breathe new life into these traditional dishes to create updated and relevant menu sensations.  Check out … Read More

String Cheese Is Smart Snack Approved


Introduced last fall, the “Smart Snacks In School” regulation works to limit student consumption of junk food, instill healthy eating habits, and ensure kids have tasty and nutritious snack options available during the school day. Bongards is proud to offer “Smart Snack” approved string cheese products: Pepper Jack String Cheese Stick Mozzarella String Cheese Stick These individually wrapped, single-serving sticks … Read More

Coping with the Egg Shortage


Power Up K-12 Nutrition With Cheese With eggs in short supply and prices set to spiral due to the avian influenza outbreak, K-12 foodservice operators need to get creative to meet nutrition mandates while holding the line on costs. Cheese is a protein-rich ingredient that delivers quality nutrition for a balanced student diet, and a cost-effective egg alternative for a … Read More

Spicy Italian Meatball Burger Recipe

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Featuring Bongards Mozzarella Slices Italian is on the menu tonight—but burgers are taking center stage! On a toasted rosemary focaccia bun, add a patty crafted from a ground beef or pork-Italian sausage blend seasoned with chopped basil, and a melted slice or two of creamy Bongards Mozzarella Cheese. Finally, pour on a generous portion of house-made arrabiata marinara for impressive flavor … Read More