Chimichurri Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

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Here’s a healthy breakfast sandwich that’s so tasty, your family won’t guess it’s good for them. Start with a whole-grain, toasted English muffin. Then top it with tender baby spinach leaves, an egg white patty and a juicy turkey sausage patty. Add two slices of melty Bongards Natural Cheddar Cheese, and drizzle the whole thing with garden-fresh Chimichurri sauce. Eating … Read More

Artisan Sausage Pizza Recipe

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Kick sausage pizza up a notch. This artisan-style pizza begins with a crispy Neapolitan crust covered with zesty tomato sauce, then layered with Italian sausage slices, mushrooms, capers and a generous layer of Bongards Mozzarella shreds. After baking, top with a sprinkling of fresh-snipped basil for a pizza that packs a punch.   INGREDIENTS 1 pound refrigerated pizza dough ½ … Read More

Smokey Chipotle Breakfast Biscuit Recipe

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Wake up your taste buds with this smoky breakfast option. Split open a tender, flaky biscuit and smother it with chipotle crema. Top with thick-sliced pepper bacon, an egg patty and a fiery Bongards Pepper Jack Cheese Slice. It’s a biscuit sandwich that brings breakfast to a whole new level. INGREDIENTS 1/2 Cup crema 1-2 Chopped chipotles in adobo sauce … Read More

Adding customization to your menu

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While diners of all ages have long delighted in customizing their meals, the build-your-own trend has now grown to epic proportions.  Consumers can make their own salads, pizzas, burgers, burritos and more and they can do it for an affordable price.  Some restaurants center their entire concept around this trend, and others offer 1-2 entrees that can be customized with … Read More

Cheese snacking innovation is on the rise

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Bongards Cheese Curds and String Cheeses were recently featured in a Food Business News article outlining the most promising new products in snacking cheese innovation. Click HERE to see the feature! In the cover article FBN talks about how snacking behavior has been on the rise in the US and today 3 in 5 consumers say snacking is necessary to get … Read More

Daring yet doable C-store breakfast ideas


Take your breakfast business to adventurous new places with updated sandwiches featuring on-trend carriers. You don’t have to go out on a limb. Just change up a few ingredients to elevate your sandwiches from ordinary to cutting edge. Big Bavarian – swap out the English muffin or biscuit for a chewy pretzel bun; add an egg, sausage patty and a … Read More

Breakfast Wars: 4 areas where C-stores aren’t keeping up


There’s never been more hype for all-day breakfast. McDonald’s is driving awareness and other big players like Taco Bell and Subway are taking it to the next level with innovative breakfast offerings and some fun marketing. As a C-store brand, you need to remember that these competitors are a threat to your breakfast program and your profits. Your customers want … Read More

Sausage Rapini and Tomato Pizza Recipe

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This mouthwatering creation begins with Bongards Natural Mozzarella/Provolone Feather Shreds but doesn’t stop there. Sausage, rapini, basil, chiles and cherry tomatoes come together in a fervor of flavor, so every slice is teeming with cheesy goodness, vibrant colors and classic Italian tastes. Served by the slice or the pie, this is the pizza to bake up a buzz-worthy reputation. INGREDIENTS … Read More

Tricked-Out Pizza: Become a Pizza Destination With Big By-The-Slice Flavor


As Big Pizza thrives and emerging chains gain popularity, C-store operators must flex their culinary creativity to stand out. The secret? Breaking the C-store visitors’ expectations with exciting and unconventional tastes, served by the slice. Tap these insights from the 2015 Technomic Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report to align your slices with customer preferences. Inspired crusts – The crust is … Read More

Launch a Street Style Build-Your-Own Sausage Bar


C-store operators are increasingly looking outside of their segment for inspiration to invigorate their food programs. Build-your-own concepts have become the “it”­ thing in fast-casual, and they present an equally promising way to bring new life to a C-store staple: the hot dog kiosk. Here are some ways to pull this off: Expand your meat lineup – add a bit … Read More