Truffle Butter Burger

Kasia PaprockiFoodservice

Sautéed onions, Bongards® Natural Sliced Mozzarella, 100% angus beef on a toasted brioche bun, fresh picked spinach and a smear of white truffle butter. Simplicity is best when it leaves you wanting more. INSIGHTS Truffle butter is most often paired with onions 14% of the time, beef 12%, and spinach 8%. This winning ingredient is found on 1.2% of US … Read More

Philly Cheesesteak Burger Concept

Kasia PaprockiFoodservice

Tried and true in Philly, this burger concept scores big with your customers. Bongards® Natural Provolone Cheese gives this burger class and the American cheese bell pepper sauce delivers the perfect garnish. INSIGHTS The two Bongards cheese products on this burger makes this build extra decadent. Traditional Philly Cheese Steak pairings include a grilled component found 37% of the time, … Read More

Croque Madame

Kasia PaprockiFoodservice

The French version of an all day sandwich – toasted brioche bread, smoked ham, Bongards® Natural Provolone, fried egg on top and a drizzle of a mornay style cheese sauce. Don’t worry – our melt loaf will help you make it perfect every time! INSIGHTS This delicious menu concept is a more satisfying casual dining offering for a brunch or … Read More

Mornay Sauce

Kasia PaprockiFoodservice

A type of Béchamel sauce made with a mild cheese. Often with cheddar, this sauce is used for mac & cheese sauce and most commonly found on casual dining menus. Use the Bongards® Super Melt™ White Loaf for superior quality, melt and flavor on your next LTO. INSIGHTS Mornay is a staple cheese sauce found on 1.2% of US menus. … Read More

Avocado Toast’d Burger

Kasia PaprockiFoodservice

Bongards® Natural Swiss Cheese, avocado spread, fresh pico de gallo with smoky crisp bacon all on slices of a toasted sourdough baguette. Long live the avocado! INSIGHTS Avocado toast is found on 1.6% of menus, but has an increasing growth of 111.4% over one year and 2440.1% over four years. This concept is paired with Arugula 10% of the time … Read More

Bacon Mac & Cheese Soup

Kasia PaprockiFoodservice

Looking for another way to get your fill of tender elbow corn noodles? Just toss them into this creamy, yummy bacon mac cheese soup and be sure to garnish with some extra crispy bits of smoked bacon…OMG! INSIGHTS Mac and Cheese is on 48.3% of US menus and is most commonly paired with Bacon 13% of the time. The four … Read More

Seafood Mac & Cheese

Kasia PaprockiFoodservice

Mac is back! Re-imagine comfort food with this upscale Seafood Mac ‘n’ Cheese. The richness of Bongards American Melting Cheese with a touch of Dijon mustard is the perfect complement to the understated flavors of shrimp, crab, lobster – or all three! Mix in Cavatappi noodles and Bongards Cheddar Shreds, and top with finely chopped chives for a subtle bite … Read More

Bongards crafts only Top Quality Cheese Product

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It’s a difference you can taste Bongards is committed to crafting  a cheese product  slice that doesn’t sacrifice on taste or performance. We use our own farmers milk to guarantee Consistent quality Top melting  performance Unbeatable flavor Our Promise Unlike our competition we’re committed to producing a cheese product that tastes as close to American cheese as possible.  This means … Read More

Adding customization to your menu

Kasia PaprockiC-Store, Foodservice, General Insights

While diners of all ages have long delighted in customizing their meals, the build-your-own trend has now grown to epic proportions.  Consumers can make their own salads, pizzas, burgers, burritos and more and they can do it for an affordable price.  Some restaurants center their entire concept around this trend, and others offer 1-2 entrees that can be customized with … Read More

The Magic in Bongards American Slices

Kasia PaprockiFoodservice, General Insights

Creating American cheese is an art form and no one takes their craft more seriously than the cheese makers at Bongards!  To make the best American cheese we must start with the best natural cheddar cheese which is made at our plant in Perham Minnesota from our own farmers milk. Each of our process cheese recipes is specifically crafted to … Read More