Bongards crafts only Top Quality Cheese Product

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It’s a difference you can taste Bongards is committed to crafting  a cheese product  slice that doesn’t sacrifice on taste or performance. We use our own farmers milk to guarantee Consistent quality Top melting  performance Unbeatable flavor Our Promise Unlike our competition we’re committed to producing a cheese product that tastes as close to American cheese as possible.  This means … Read More

Adding customization to your menu

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While diners of all ages have long delighted in customizing their meals, the build-your-own trend has now grown to epic proportions.  Consumers can make their own salads, pizzas, burgers, burritos and more and they can do it for an affordable price.  Some restaurants center their entire concept around this trend, and others offer 1-2 entrees that can be customized with … Read More

The Magic in Bongards American Slices

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Creating American cheese is an art form and no one takes their craft more seriously than the cheese makers at Bongards!  To make the best American cheese we must start with the best natural cheddar cheese which is made from our own farmer’s milk at our plant in Perham, Minnesota. Each of our process cheese recipes is specifically crafted to … Read More

Cheese snacking innovation is on the rise

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Bongards Cheese Curds and String Cheeses were recently featured in a Food Business News article outlining the most promising new products in snacking cheese innovation. Click HERE to see the feature! In the cover article FBN talks about how snacking behavior has been on the rise in the US and today 3 in 5 consumers say snacking is necessary to get … Read More

Bongards Patron Jer-Lindy Farms wins the US Dairy Sustainability award

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The Jennissen family are Bongards patrons and have been recognized with a 2016 U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award for Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability. The 200-cow Brooten, Minn., farm was acknowledged for its multi-generational commitment to a number of innovative sustainable practices. Highlights include reducing the farm’s energy use by 20 percent by utilizing an energy efficiency program, and not using any … Read More

The Story Behind Every Slice

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The success of Bongards Premium Cheese comes down to high-quality cheese crafted using time honored recipes and the freshest milk. Bongards’ products are consistently sought after in a variety of segments from foodservice to food manufacturers to c-stores.  The secret to crafting a craveable cheese requires starting with the best ingredients. Making cheese on a large scale takes great effort, … Read More

Breakout Breakfasts: Why protein is powering the all-day opportunity

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More and more foodservice operators are jumping on the “all-day breakfast” train, and it’s easy to see why. According to Technomic’s Consumer Trend Report series, about 35% of patrons wish restaurants offered breakfast fare for lunch, and 30% wish restaurants served breakfast food for dinner. Why? It’s not just about the treasured tastes, unique flavors or simple convenience that breakfast … Read More

Bongards: One Passion Since 1908

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Bongards has been crafting premium cheese, with care, since 1908. The quality that Bongards customers have come to enjoy is delivered through a passion for perfection. We strive to create the ideal cheese to meet our customers’ needs whether that be a ghost pepper slice for a limited time sandwich or the perfect mozzarella stretch for a pizzeria. To craft … Read More

From Basic To Brilliant: Turning Staples Into Sensations

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There are certain iconic menu items that are held sacred because of the sense of nostalgia they invoke. As trends rise and fall, these staples endure. Now, there’s a revival of sorts happening for classic dishes. For operators, the question has become how to breathe new life into these traditional dishes to create updated and relevant menu sensations.  Check out … Read More

Consumers Look to Subtract Food Additives

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For 40% of consumers, the presence of additives in food is a growing concern, according to the June 2015 Consumer Food Trends Report from Technomic. They’re not only looking for wholesome nutrition and great flavor, but they also want it to come as naturally as possible. Operators know this, too. Recent Technomic research indicates that 82% of operators believe clean … Read More