Premium Natural Cheeses by the Slice

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Upgrade your menu and liven up your sandwiches, burgers, wraps and other menu items with award-winning cheeses from Bongards! Enjoy pre-sliced convenience without sacrificing consistent quality and exceptional performance.  Your students will love our natural slices, made with our own milk for unmatched quality that we control from our farms to your kitchen! Premium taste and quality in portion-perfect slices … Read More

Premium Natural Cheese by the Slice

Kasia PaprockiNew Products

Count on PREMIUM NATURAL SLICES from the award-winning cheese makers at Bongards to liven up your sandwiches, burgers, wraps and other menu items with exceptional, natural flavor. Enjoy pre-sliced convenience plus consistent quality and performance.  Your guests will love the authentic, natural cheese flavors and you can upgrade your menu with premium items. Our natural slices are made with our … Read More

Cheese snacking innovation is on the rise

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Bongards Cheese Curds and String Cheeses were recently featured in a Food Business News article outlining the most promising new products in snacking cheese innovation. Click HERE to see the feature! In the cover article FBN talks about how snacking behavior has been on the rise in the US and today 3 in 5 consumers say snacking is necessary to get … Read More

Bongards crafts— Your Cheese. Your Way.

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Perfect for Soups, Sauces and Mac & Cheese Our cheese can deliver an unbeatable creamy melt that will make your products stand out Some of our current varieties are: White and Colored American American Cheddar Cheese Spread American Swiss Monterey Jack Cheese Product With Bongards you can expect consistent flavor, texture, color and melt and the characteristics of the cheese ... Read More

Premier Performance Any Way You Slice It

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Perfect for pre-made sandwiches When sliced, this cheese creates a moisture barrier and prevents a soggy sandwich Control input costs Controlling slice thickness yourself helps maximize profitability Taste the difference freshly sliced cheese makes Slicing cheese on site ensures maximum freshness Bongards cheese is made from our own farmers’ milk ensuring top quality and consistency Variety to meet any need ... Read More

Italian Favorites Just got even better

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Bongards natural Mozzarella and Provolone slices add creamy, melty goodness to any sandwich, wrap, or burger Try mixing things up by swapping Provolone or Mozzarella for American or Cheddar on any of your burgers or sandwiches and see how these slices can go beyond Italian Try our Processed Mozzarella slider slices and create bite sized versions of all of your … Read More

Introducing Muenster Slices

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Bongards’ Muenster slices add irresistible creamy indulgence to any sandwich or burger Sandwich makeover Try mixing things up by swapping your regular cheese slices with Muenster and taste what makes these slices special. Their mild flavor doesn’t overwhelm, but brings a delicious richness to any meal. Perfect Pairings Grilled Marble rye bread with Muenster slices, caramelized onions and tomato bacon ... Read More

The perfect snack for any occassion

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Bongards cheese sticks are wholesome, convenient, and full of flavor These perfectly proportioned 1oz sticks are ideal for schools, C-Stores or anyone wishing to offer a to-go snacking option Display-ready shippers are included in all of the 96-count cases 1oz portion size equals 1meat/meat alternate in schools Mozzarella String and Pepper Jack string meet the Smart Snack requirements Try any or … Read More

The perfect snack for any occassion

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Bongards cheese curds are wholesome, convenient, and full of flavor Cheese curds are fresh delectable cheddar cheese in its natural random shape and form before being shaped into blocks of cheddar Ideal on the go snacking option Each package is 2oz and packs 14g of protein Display ready case included for easy merchandising Cheese Curds are naturally gluten free Package … Read More