Coping with the Egg Shortage


Power Up K-12 Nutrition With Cheese

With eggs in short supply and prices set to spiral due to the avian influenza outbreak, K-12 foodservice operators need to get creative to meet nutrition mandates while holding the line on costs. Cheese is a protein-rich ingredient that delivers quality nutrition for a balanced student diet, and a cost-effective egg alternative for a balanced budget.

Adjusting your menu in light of the egg crisis doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are several simple ideas to swap eggs for cheese that are big on flavor and kid-friendly

  • Ham & cheese breakfast sandwich – Egg sandwiches are a staple of morning cuisine, but in light of rising egg  prices, they may be too expensive for your morning menu. Ditch the egg, and add in a slice of ham and a couple slices of Reduced Fat and Sodium American Cheese for some cheesy, protein goodness.
  • Cheesy potato roll-up – Wrap roasted grilled potatoes topped with Reduced Fat American Shredded Cheese and a little buttermilk ranch dressing inside a soft whole-grain tortilla for a fun, handheld meal. Toss in spinach, diced red and green peppers for pops of color and added nutrition.
  • Ranchero breakfast quesadilla – Combine crumbled sausage, diced peppers and onions, and a Monterey Jack and Cheddar Shredded Cheese Blend between lightly crisped whole-grain tortillas for big flavor that powers all-day learning. Serve with a chipotle ranch for dipping.